Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Morro Bay and Morro Rock

Morro Rock
It's a long way from Washington, DC to Morro Bay, CA, or so it seemed, squeezed into the cattle car the airlines euphemistically refer to as "coach." After a truly boring flight from Dulles, I arrived at LAX with plenty of time to make my puddle-jumper connection to Atascadero. Once there, I discovered that the car rental company had run out of cars and had only a pick up truck. With no choice but to take it, I discovered that pick ups have evolved considerably, and I was treated to what was essentially an SUV with a cargo bed. I made the short trip to Morro Bay in the dark, grateful for my Droid's GPS. Did I tell you I forgot to grab the cable interface to my GPS? Grrr...

I checked into the La Serena Inn in Morro Bay, small but very pleasant and only two blocks from the Embarcadero that runs the length of Morro Bay. Highly recommended.  Then to the deli behind the inn for something to drink and then across the street to Taco de Mexico for some dinner. Leave it to me to find the hole-in-the-wall Mexican place.
Then it was time to check email and recharge everything, including camera batteries, change the clock on the DSLR and do last minute checks on my equipment. And iron a shirt. Gotta look sharp. Five AM comes early.

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